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6" Deep Drainable Louvers - Mill Finish - Quick Ship

We carry all sizes for 6" Deep Aluminum Extruded Drainable Louvers. Custom sizes are also avaliable.

In this category you will find the following:

  • 6DL-BS: 6" Deep Drainable Louver w/ Flush Mount, Channel Frame and Bird Screen.
  • 6DL-IS: 6" Deep Drainable Louver w/ Channel Frame and Insect Screen. 
  • 6DLF-BS: 6" Deep Drainable Flanged Frame (Normal Application) with Bird Screen.
  • 6DLF-IS: 6" Deep Dainable Flanged Frame with Insect Screen
  • Select your desired type and dimensions in the box below.


Click the "Blue Hot Link" for your louver, more information will be available.  Enter the hole size, we will under cut your louver 1/4".  Verify your Screen and Flange choices. Chose your shipping time frame.  Freight will be calculated up to 36" x 36", any bigger and freight considerations may come into play.  If you can't find your size louver or have special freight needs call us at 800-810-3280.