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Quality Air Filters
Merv 8 Pleated Filter

Merv 8 High Capacity Pleats

Merv 11 Pleated Filter

Merv 13 Pleated Filter

OdorBan Odor Eliminating Media

SpaceBaron Speciality Filters

Quality Seal Ring Panels

QualityFlow (High efficiency 4")

Quality Cell Metal Frame Rigid Filters


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Quality Filters Features

· Consists of 100% synthetic electrostatically charged thermally bonded fibers with no chemical binders.

· Captures more dust than standard pads or panel type filters creating a healthier environment.

· Protects HVAC equipment from the effects of dirty air and reduces costly building maintenance.

· Can last up to four times the life of standard pads or panel type filters and extends life of more expensive secondary filters.

· We will ship directly to your customer.

Many Products available in handy 6 packs.

Merv 8 (HC), 11, 13 & Odorban (charcoal) as per ASHRAE standard 52.2